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With its pristine beech forests, world-class snow conditions and long trails which extend over 3.5km in length and drop 545 vertical metres, Mount Iwaki is the setting for Aomori Spring Ski Resort’s 14 ski trails.

During the day, catch the gondola up to a height of 921 metres and take in awe-inspiring views of the Tsugaru Plain and the Sea of Japan. After dark, enjoy night skiing on one of several floodlit trails. Day or night, experience superb mountain-side dining at one of our ski-in, ski-out cafes and restaurants.

Best of all, you can enjoy all of this safe in the knowledge that excellent snow conditions are guaranteed throughout the length of the winter season.

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Trail Map

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New: Night Grooming Area

The night grooming area is an area where snow is compacted late at night. If it snows overnight, fresh snow will accumulate on top of the compacted snow surface.

Night Grooming

Lift Stats

Lift Distance Elevation (base to top) Elevation Height
Gondola 2,967m 403m - 921m 518m
Quad 1 1,700m 396m - 739m 343m
Quad 2 1,449m 400m - 610m 210m
Diamond Pair Lift 1,139m 535m - 827m 292m
Aspen Pair Lift (reserved for use during events only) 1,007m 610m~822m 212m

Course/Trail Stats

Course Level Length Max. degree of slope Avg. degree of slope Avg. width Description
Panorama Course Beginner 1,300m 15° 11° 50m A course with a spacious layout amidst beech forests.
Main Line, Skyline Beginner 3,400m 18° 10° 50m A 3.4km long course for the family that ends at the Gondola station.
Sunshine Course Beginner 2,000m 17° 11° 70m Aomori Spring’s main burn, this spacious 2km course is also perfect for night skiing.
Family Course Beginner 1,100m 12° 10° 50m A course that the whole family, including beginner skiers, can manage.
Link Beginner 1,300m 15° 11° 50m A course overlooking the Sea of Japan.
Slender Line Beginner 1,300m 12° 10° 50m This course turns steeper when you reach the middle.
Twister Connector (Family Connecter) Beginner 1,300m 10° 30m Enjoy views of the Sea of Japan and Tsugaru Strait as you ski on this leisurely course.
Family Connector Beginner 500m 10° 30m A course that leads from the Diamond Pair Lift towards the Gondola and Hotel.
Aspen Course Intermediate 1,100m 22° 12° 50m A course surrounded by beech forests on either side.
Aspen Connector Intermediate 1,800m 22° 12° 50m Located along the Aspen Lift, this course is a prime phototaking spot with Mount Iwaki in the background.
Paradise Course Intermediate 1,800m 24° 11° 45m This course is ideal for those wishing to train and level up their skiing.
Wave Connector Intermediate 400m 20° 11° 30m A course recommended for skiers who want to improve on their technique.
Twister Course Advanced 700m 26° 14° 50m This full-packed course is ideal for skiers who want to train their carving skills.
Diamond Course Advanced 700m 29° 18° 50m Enjoy the natural powder snow on this course. A mogul zone.
Corkscrew Advanced 700m 30° 13° 40m With steep slopes of a maximum angle of 30 degrees, this course provides a challenge to only the most uncompromising skiers.
Ski Season at Aomori Spring

Blessed with abundant snowfall, Aomori Spring has it all, from family friendly slopes to steep tree skiing.

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Enjoy a true year-round resort experience at The Rockwood Hotel and Spa in winter; ski-in ski-out convenience in winter, world-class golf and outdoor activities in summer.

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