Springtime at Mt Iwaki, Aomori

Jul 14, 2017

It’s finally springtime here on beautiful Mt. Iwaki, and the green season is starting with a bang! We took our drone on a little trip around the local area to discover what fun is to be had within 30 minutes of Rockwood Hotel.

Ajigasawa Town

Ajigasawa Town Beach

Just 15 minutes away by car, Ajigasawa Town lines the western coast and has beautiful views of the sunset over the Sea of Japan. A quaint fishing village of about 15,000 residents, it is well known for fresh seafood, especially their flounder sashimi!

Ajigasawa Beach Resort

Ajigasawa Beach and Pier

This beautiful stretch of beach is the most popular local swimming and beach barbecue spot! With plenty of grass, sand, and the impressive Nagisa Suspension Bridge spanning the Nakamura River estuary, it’s a sure hit for a relaxing day in the sun. The swimming portion of the yearly Ajigasawa Triathlon is held here as well.

Necklace Road

Necklace Road Mt Iwaki Aomori

A dream for cyclists and motorcyclists alike, the aptly named Necklace Road encircles Mt. Iwaki like a necklace around a woman’s neck. This 50km round trip road offers plenty of panoramic views and winding climbs, giving access to Iwaki Shrine, the Iwaki Skyline peak access road, and of course Aomori Spring Resort.

Tsurunomai Bridge

Tsurunomai Hashi Aomori

Aomori Spring Resort

Rockwood Hotel Aomori in springtime Mt Iwaki in background

The local area is full of great places waiting to be discovered by those with a knack for adventure. Come visit us and make your springtime one to remember!

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