The Outlands Aomori Cycling Tour a Great Success!

Jun 21, 2017

Eight cyclists from around the globe successfully completed the fully-supported 4-day 550 km long Outlands Aomori Tour throughout Aomori Prefecture recently. Held at the end of May, the trip led the riders through spacious countryside and scenic natural forests, as well as popular tourist attractions.

They were treated to both breathtaking views and delicious local delicacies along the way. The smooth and empty roads were irresistible to the riders, most of whom reside in the bustling city. It was a fantastic journey that we’re sure the participants, as well as the support staff, will not soon forget!

Outlands bike tour with mt iwaki in background

Day 1

The cyclists spent the first day touring south of Mt. Iwaki, taking a leisurely stroll through the Hirosaki Castle grounds, having some tasty apples at Apple Park, eating delicious miso ramen at Beech Nishimeya, and taking a short hike through the Shirakami Beech Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The total trip was about 120 km ridden. Great job to the speedy riders, and let’s make tomorrow another fantastic day on the road!

Outlands bike tour red bridge hirosaki park
The pack takes a stroll through historic Hirosaki Park, riding on wooden bridges across the castle moat.

Day 2

The second day started bright and early in the morning at 4 am!! Today’s locations of interest: A climb to the top of Mt. Iwaki, a short spiritual visit to Iwakiyama Shrine, tasty lunch of grilled tuna and raw flounder in Ajigasawa Town, ride across Tsurunomai Bridge (the longest 3-arched wooden bridge in Japan), and fresh ice cream at Abitania Jersey Farm. With over 110 km distance ridden with a whopping 2000+m of elevation gain in a single day, these powerhouse riders finished the course 2 hours ahead of schedule!!

Early morning on ascent up Iwaki Loop Line
A climber readies himself for a long ascent up the Iwaki Loop Line while the early morning sunrise glows softly behind him.
Outland bike tour break at Iwaki san Shrine
The group takes a short water break at Iwaki-san Shrine to buy omamori, a charm to keep them safe along their journey.

Day 3

The longest stretch of the Outlands Aomori Cycling Tour at over 180 km ridden, the riders launched due north deep into Tsugaru Peninsula for day three!! On the round trip to Cape Tappi, we passed by Juusanko (Thirteenth Lake) for clam ramen, had a look at Nanatsutaki (Seven Falls), climbed up the gruelling slope to Choukandai Observatory, and rested in Imabetsu for a beef lunch. It was a long ride, but all the riders made sure to relax and refresh in the hotel hot spring to be ready for the final and toughest day of riding!

Outlands bike tour coastal highway to mt tappi
Flat winding coastal highways on the way to Cape Tappi allow for higher speeds and a break from the mountains.
Outlands bike tour switchback road to Choukandai Observatory
Wrapped in cloud cover, a lone cyclist rounds the final bend to Choukandai Observatory, the highest point before descending into Cape Tappi.

Day 4

The last and final day of the Outlands Aomori Cycling Tour was the most demanding climbing day of them all with over 2800m of elevation gain!! Up and down the many hills, the cyclists passed through Owani Hot Spring, Mt. Ohanabe, Lake Towada, and Oirase Gorge on their one-way 137km trip to Sukayu Hot Spring at the top of the Hakkoda Mountain cluster.

On the final day of the tour, a rider stops on a bridge to gaze into the flowing creek below. Sometimes, the beauty of Aomori Beech Forests needs to be appreciated at a slower pace.

Everyone did a great job making it all the way to the end, and there were only smiles even when packing up their bikes for the journey home. Thank you everyone for visiting Aomori, and please come visit us again any season for more great fun!

Interested in Cycling in Aomori?

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